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Our activities in 2003, with imports from Europe and Asia masterbatch and according to set expectations and needs further tangible progress with technologies in the world market Add a special partnership with America 3M company in the petrochemical and downstream industries, and in 2006 we continued to rely on internal capabilities Europe benefit from new technology … for more detail, open about-us please

The Best Masterbatch

Why Choose Us?

Optimal quality

The quality of our products is good, because we produce with European technology and use the best materials


We offer you the best prices, because our production cost is controlled


We have a long history in the polymer market and we think this is an important option in reducing errors

easy access

Due to our geographical location, you have easy access to your shipment !


Masterbatch for single-layer and multi-layer films produced in Pooyesh Polymer, Their production are usually based on PE and also perform well in thin density 

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We have special masterbatches for each type of sheet you produce. Specialized masterbatch is based on PP, PS, ABS, etc

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Inflatablecontainers are mostly used in the packing of cosmetics, health and petroleum products and products related to them. Today more than ever,

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Every piece you produce, from large parts such as pallets, home appliances and car accessories, to smaller and more sensitive parts.

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Plastic bags are usually PP-based, and PP is basically one of those materials that are hard to combine with pigment and titanium than PE.

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We have a special strategy for the production of LDPE, HDPE and PP pipes Black masterbatch with 40% soot in it, white masterbatch up to

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Meet our Leaders

Omid Alizadeh Nik

Ahmad Kamyab

Marzieh Yarahmadi

Arkan Karimi

We need to know the customer and think about his interests, and we must be at the forefront of this

Omid Alizadeh Nik

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