Our activities in 2003, with imports from Europe and Asia masterbatch and according to set expectations and needs further tangible progress with technologies in the world market Add a special partnership with America 3M company in the petrochemical and downstream industries, and in 2006 we continued to rely on internal capabilities Europe benefit from new technology and working with tutors to produce masterbatches for white, black, colored, Specialty Additives Colored compounds and engineering, Etc. We now claim that the production quality is competitive with the world’s top brands

Including the ability of this series the possibility of making color masterbatches according to customer needs and control, production engineering compound with exclusive formulation to facilitate the manufacturing process, the use of pigments Titanium, additive etc

More than usual as a result of lower consumption in the production process of the final product to maintain physical properties, the production of masterbatch with different sizes Micro-Granular advice to solve possible problems in the production process of our customers, add hybrid (multi-purpose) to effect the desired low the error rate in manufacturing and more